membersWho Can Join the Artisans’ Guild: We represent a wide range of visual arts and crafts; all styles of painting, sculpture, hand and wheel thrown pottery, wood, metal and glass works, and all types of hand crafts. All are welcome.

Classes of Membership:

  1. Ordinary, unlimited in number, entitled to all privileges of the association, nil limitations.
  2. Junior, unlimited in number, must be 8 years of age and over and under 18 years of age, no voting rights
  3. Family, unlimited in number, adults entitled to all privileges of the association, limit 2 adults per family and 2 children under age of 18. No voting rights for children.
  4. Honorary life members, limited to 4, entitled to all privileges of the association, as recommended and approved at management committee meeting. Not relieved of any financial obligation other than the annual membership fee.

Guild Activities:

  1. Meetings are held monthly.
  2. A newsletter is published regularly and sent to all members advising activities, by post or email (if you supply an email address).
  3. An annual competitive art show in October is the highlight of our year.
  4. Members attend local fetes, shows and shopping centre exhibitions, promoting our art and craft.
  5. Lessons and workshops are arranged with qualified tutors to enable members to expand their knowledge and improve their skills. These are held at our comfortable airconditioned Old Bay Road workshops.
  6. Excursions are arranged for outdoor painting to various locations, and bus trips are held through the year to exciting artistic destinations. Regular functions and informal get-togethers are also arranged.
  7. The Moreton Bay Regional Council has generously supported the Guild in establishing the Old Bay Road Gallery complex, where we display members arts and crafts work.

Download Artisans’ Guild Membership Form here